Memefight is a fast 2D beat’em up for two players with explosions, unicorns, tons of blood and of course memes. Choose your favorite meme and beat the crap out of your opponent.
I developed the game with Microsoft’s XNA game studio. It contains a score and a time mode, 8 different weapons, 2 levels and 10 memes to choose from..


  • complete customizable particle-system that supports physics, specific emmisioncontrol, color gradients and force (-changes) over time
  • dynamic weapon system, easily create tons of different weapons
  • basic physics
  • paralax effects and animated background objects
  • load levels from XML-files
  • rocket chainsaws, rainbow puking unicorns, fire-breathing ninjas etc.!
  • complete game-design document

MemeFight game-design document (german)